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Nearly Nextian Puppets and NEW Plush Dodos!

(with apologies to Pete & Dave's Dodo Emporium)

Sadly, as of May 31st, 2010, the Standard Plush Dodo is no longer available.

They have nothing official to do with Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" books. It's merely an amazing coincidence! No, really!

But if you'd like to find out more about the books (they're great!) click on the links above.



Deluxe Dodo

The DELUXE Plush Dodo

More realistic, delicately hand-crafted, and not about to go extinct just yet.

Only $35.00 plus postage and handling.







Wooly Mammoth

This large (21 inches long!) and extremely furry puppet has a movable mouth and trunk and is much easier to obtain than growing your own with a home cloning kit - and entirely legal, as well!




Only $32.00 plus postage and handling.


The Raven



This puppet is a large 16 inches tall and is covered in feather-like plush with a movable mouth (beak?)



This model guaranteed to have no Goliathí employees trapped inside.

















Only $29.00 plus postage and handling.


Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat (formerly known as Cheshire) This hand puppet is 20 inches long and has blinkable eyes, a moveable head and mouth and a grin that glows in the dark! The perfect accessory to your Great Library (or any library, really.)       A mere $45.00 plus postage and handling.
(aka Norman Johnson)

Wanted for Pagerunning!
This creature is armed and dangerous - approach with caution!

Comes equipped with its own axe. This soft & cuddly monster is not a puppet.



NOTE: For Fforde ffans outside the U.S.postage will be somewhat higher. Please e-mail me with the name of your country and your approximate address and I will get a postage estimate from the US Post Office web site.



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